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Worldwide Online Expense Management
with Expense Policies for different Countries? - Done easy!

  • With you get your expense reports in no time - online and on your mobile or iPad/tablet.
  • With companies only need one tool for their worldwide field service, sales force and branches
  • With mail flood of receipts, form, inquiries and approvals are history - all workflow is done online.
  • FREE App for iPhone, iPad, Android - enhanced tablet and iPad version without installation.
  • Automatic mileage calculator with miles and kilometers, individual by location or user.
  • Claim your expenses, claim bills and scan receipts to get your reimbursements quick
  • Companies and business travelers use the online expense management, to reduce delays and returned expense reports
  • Using the online expense management solution makes it easy for all employees filling the forms, scanning the receipts and submitting them to accounting or hr-department after their manager has approved online.

Schnelle Erfassung mittels Assistent

Easy input

With the onexma expense assistant, you get in your data in minutes — only relevant forms and fileds will be shown.

No required fields, most data will be generated automatically depending on your expense policies or European tax requirements

Advantage: Everyone can file exenses on the go in minutes and gets reimbursements quicker.

Einfach gegliederte Darstellung

Easy templates

Every settlement is clear and easy to understand, so even untrained employees can file or approve expenses quickly.

You See

  • Cost categories with totals
  • Payment methods
  • Expenses by customers, projects or cost centers

Automatische Fahrtkostenberechnung mittels Google Maps

Automatic milage calculator with Google Maps

You can put in your milage manually, but you can use the intgrated Google Maps too, decide yourself.

Save your recurring trips, that's even faster.

Of course your vehicle, vehicle type, passengers and round-trips can be considered too.

Auslandsspesen und tägliche Wechselkurse bereits inklusive

Perfect for expenses abroad with daily currency exchange rates has everything you need to claim worldwide travel expenseses, including per diem or flat fee allowances.

  • Automatic per diems for several countries are incuded and we can quickly add your required countries too.
  • Automatic conversion of all currencies on a daily base
  • If you have an accounting in different countries, onexma helps with your vat refund.

Zuordnung aller Kosten zu Kostenstellen, Kunden oder Projekten

Reimbursement of expenses

While entering your receipts you can link them to your projects, customers or cost centers, that makes it easy to bill them later in total or pro rata.

If you don't need reimbursement or don't like it - you wont see anything of that!

If your backoffice needs to reimburse the expenses, no problem: they can use the data on behalf.

Mehrstufiger flexibler Genehmigungsprozess

Flexible multi-stage approval process

Approvals are made direct in the expense system, so you don't need to print and sign your emplyees requests.

All communications and check backs are stored with your expense reports, so iz is easy to audit them.

You can name and set up your processes quick and easy, and in case, we support you for free.

Mehrstufiger flexibler Genehmigungsprozess

Integrated data and documents

Searching receipts, looking up exchenge rates or confusing travel times? With onexma everything is integrated, worldwide.

So you see all your expense reports, the status and can export or transfer them to your accounting system.

This saves time, eliminates resentment and reduces errors.

Umfangreiche Druck- und Exportfunktionen

Export as PDF, csv or Excel

All data can be exported, so can youe them for invoicing or extended reporting.

You can get individual reports too, so you we are very flexible for your needs.

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