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New features 2019

  • You can download the entries from the absence management in iCalendar format (iCal) or get a link for embedding as an internet calendar, e.g. for Outlook or Gmail.
  • It is possible to activate, deactivate or delete projects, customers and cost centers in bulk in the settings.
  • The reports of paid per diems or lump sums (eg. for letter M) as PDF are now available in different print formats.
  • In addition to administrators, any other users can now be authorized to manage equipment. Details in the menu Settings -> Administration -> Contract
  • To use the API, an API key can be obtained by an administrator from Administration -> Company menu. The API allows you to query travel costs, cost centers, and projects and enter/update cost centers and projects.

New features 2018

  • You can now also create a billing directly from travel requests in the mobile view.
  • Editing multiple users is easier with a multiple choice list now. This allows address fields, the user group and the status of the contract to be edited in one operation. To delete users, they have to be inactive or not confirmed.
  • When importing users, your existing user group (external group ID) can be used too.
  • The new app for iOS was released in mid-May and has access to the Files app.
  • The list of export formats has been significantly expanded.
  • You can now instantly reply to messages in Onexma even in the mobile view.
  • Documents uploaded or received by email-archive will be displayed with a preview that simplifies assignment and review.
  • The function to assign uploaded documents later has been extended, now they can be linked directly to positions. For this, do not select a billing during upload and then use the assignment in a settlement for the respective item.
  • It is also possible to insert the uploaded documents directly from the expense report.

New features 2017

Reports / Export

  • From now on it is possible for users with extended rights (adminsitrators) to secure the login in addition to the password with a two-factor authentication / one-time password (TAN) or verification code on your mobile phone. Details in the Password menu.
  • User groups can now be added to businessunits for export, booking and payment lists. Each unit is gned an individual name and is additionally available in the group selection.
  • An export template is now available for Collmex accounting and the direct transfer via API.
  • Our fully automatic interface via API to lexoffice is ready, details you can find at Settings -> Data exchange

Project management

  • Additional information is now available in the project management. In particular, when the timesheet is used, the executing company, a partner as well as details of price, unit of measure and budget can be entered here. The additional fields are used in the export templates.
  • In the list view of the timesheet, the search was expanded. The search within the projects and the recalculation status are now available as options.


  • The user import has been extended, groups and individual approvers can now be set by import.
  • Project and customer import improved, duplicate are not imported and a warning is issued.


  • If user groups are used, different invoice adresses can be used.
  • Each user can be aligned their own booking / clearing account for a company credit card.
  • Every user can now add an additional payment reference to their bank account. When the SEPA XML file is used, this is printed in the payment reference additionally, e.g. for payments to a credit card.
  • Removing / modifying approvers in the user groups has been made easier.

New features 2016

New module travel request

  • Onexma now offers the modul travel request in business tariff. With the travel request, which can be individually configured for each user group with approval process and additional tasks (also for third parties) and workflows, processes in the company can be better integrated in the expense management.
  • Tasks within the application may include booking of flight, hotel or rentalcars or requests to the fleet manager or internal resources like cost- or budget checks.
  • For configuration, please go to the user group and activate the travel request for each group.
  • You will get a new tab with the settings for the travel application:
    • You can specify one or more approvers per group
    • You can add one or more tasks for each group that can be triggered at the request or at the approval.
    • For each task a brief description, a detailed explanation as well as a note field for the traveler and the approver are possible
    • All data of the travel application are transferred directly into the expense report. If a settlement is created without a travel application or the travel application was not approved, a warning appears.
    • For questions or individual requirements, please contact our support. Customizations are possible.


  • For export to Scopevisio accounting, a new format is now available for the "only account" import. This also allows you to book automatic accounts without changes, menu Reports -> Extended.
  • For export to Datev accounting, the EXTF format is available now, see Reports -> Extended.
  • For the cost allocation (project/customer/cost center), each user can now define individual default values, which are pre-filled when forms are used - see menu Settings -> Default values. There you have two additional fields for billing: if you leave the list blank, you can enter a free value, if you enter a list of values, it is used as a selection list.
  • For kilometer/milage reimbursement , you can now choose between two forms: automatic calculation with Google Maps or manual recording.
  • The amount and unit per km or mile can now be set for each user, different from the given rule.
  • Different user / cost accounts can be used for each user group, e.g. for subsidiaries or branches. First enter the accounts in Settings -> Booking accounts and then assign them to the usergroup.
  • For Export to SAP , individual booking keys as well as individual company numbers, head checks and document texts can now be assigned.
  • Additional services such as individual report adjustments, data import, online training, etc. can now be booked directly in the Settings -> Contract at fixed price. All services are billed at a fixed price or 19.50 € per 15 minutes.
  • The alternative address for each usergroup is now used as sender when printing reports of allocations like project, customer or cost center.
  • For Austria (Reisegebührenverordnung / RGV): From 2016, Onexma separates the domestic and foreign allowance by hours. Therefore, you must always record the entire travel period with the domestic rate and then the times when you have been abroad.


  • In report / export templates you can now create favorites, then they are at the top and you can add a note for yourself or your colleagues, see menu Reports -> Extended.
  • You can now search for key words or topics (SAP, Sage, Navision, Datev, Lexware, projects, employees) within export templates, see the menu Reports -> Extended.
  • Under Reports -> Extended reports -> Settings, you can now also export projects

Vehicle log

  • In usersgroups, you can activate extended fields for a vehicle log. This allows you to enter fields for kms/miles and start / end times for a journey. These data can be exported in the menu Reports -> Travel list. ATTENTION: This list does NOT meet the requirements of a driving license for the tax declaration in Germany.

User import

  • You can now import users yourself. The file must be saved in csv or txt format and contain the right fields as a title, see Settings -> Users -> Add

Equipment management

  • Administrators now can authorize any other user to administer work equipment. see details at Settings -> Company -> Contract

Absence / Vacation administration

  • For the calculation of holidays, the weekend can be defined. Each user group can be set to whether Saturday and Sunday or only Sunday as a weekend count. Additional rules are possible.
  • Remaining days of vacation can now be collected from the previous year. In the Absence -> Totals menu, you will find a button under the list. The button is only active if you have selected the previous year. All employees who have not left the company and have not applied for leave days (applications must be processed first) are considered.
  • Inactive users are no longer displayed in the monthly summary.

Reimbursement/billing of working hours / timesheet

  • For times recorded in the timesheet, predefined start/end-times can now be defined by each user, see menu Settings -> Default values.
  • For times in timesheet, a billing number can be entered later.
  • You will find checkboxes before the times in the list view. The checkboxes are inactive if the user does not have sufficient authorization for this operation, an invoice has already been entered, or the record has been entered in the absence calendar.
  • Entries with an invoice number can not be changed or deleted.
  • The invoice number is displayed in list view and export.