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Create new expense report

To record the travel cost, you have the choice between various types of billing:

For the typical trip with billing of meal allowances and accommodation, we recommend travel expenses, since all packages are calculated automatically. It might be necessary that you still need to deduct the meals through the "Add meals -> Meal deduction" menu.

If you want to record a trip to different countries or do not want to register the food allowance for each day of a trip, you must create the trip with the claim "diverse" ["-diverse"] for the country visited and then select the country for every day.

If you want to settle expenses (e.g. telephone, parking, fuel) within a month or regularly only settle short trips, we recommend monthly billing, with which you will not receive individual billings for each of the many individual travel days but a collective invoice instead. You then register the meal expenses for each day under "Add meals -> Meal allowances" and if applicable the deduction for meals under "Add meals -> Meal deduction".

If you have some experience, you can also use the time-billing. This is recommended for business travels taking place in several months, for accounting of expenses over a longer period of time, for weekly billing, or e.g. project accounting.

First select the type of billing. This will provide you the appropriate form and only the fields necessary for you in it. Depending on what information you provide, the necessary details are requested from you in the next step. The more information you provide in the form wizard, the faster the next step, as a lot of data will then have been retrieved already.

You can upload documents and receipts as scan or PDF to your settlement, which is archived and printed with your reports.

After you finished your setttlement, you can submit it for approval to your manager or accountant. Our system automatically will print your settlement to the archive and notifies the responsible employee.

Depending on your function, you cannot edit or delete the settlement after you submitted it.