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The Onexma travel expense report is simple and flexible, easy to implement and understandable for everyone. Intuitive operability, minimal effort required for the implementation and utilization, and the user’s enthusiasm are our top priorities. Furthermore, offers many effective features for professional use.

Our customers worldwide

Thanks to its individual configuration, meets the requirements of companies of all types and sizes, while still being easy for the user to operate. Each of our customers decides upon the Onexma travel expense report, the time sheets and the work equipment administration for individual reasons. Here we present some of our customers and their demands.

FinTech approved - Hypoport AG relies on onexma

Hypoport Logo„Onexma makes it possible for us to carry out the travel expense accounting digitally and efficiently, which saves time and paper in particular. Combined with a support based on our needs and wishes, Onexma offers great value for the Hypoport Group.“ …  more

Zurich, Munich, Barcelona – Netcentric travels with

Netcentric Logo Dr. Frank Klinkhammer, CEO of Netcentric AG, describes the reasons for his decision as follows, “ impressed us immediately. The system is flexible, universal and very easy to operate with mobile input devices as well. And our colleagues thought the software was totally cool. That is the highest praise you could ever hear from our IT experts.“

„A travel expense tool made for the user“

ESCADA Logo „ESCADA, as a globally active company in the fashion sector, is eager to offer its internationally active employees a flexible, quick and simple tool for the accounting of travel expenses – that can even be used on the go. With the web-based app by Onexma, we have found a solution that optimally meets these requirements. At the same time, our employees can receive support from Onexma at all times and in an uncomplicated way if they have questions concerning the tool. This is a travel expense tool made for the user.“

„Convenient and efficient travel expense management“

FuelCell logo „For us, Onexma is convenient and efficient travel expense management in a decentralized company organization, which can be processed from anywhere.“ FuelCell Energy

„Efficient and time-saving“

corin logo „As a globally active company in the field of endoprosthetics, Corin develops and produces innovative and high-quality hip, knee and ankle joint systems. In the past years, Corin was repeatedly considered a guide in several significant developments of implantation technology. The company’s range of products is a reflection of the current orthopedic development and helps patients around the world to improve their quality of life. We use ONEXMA to offer our sales force the possibility to prepare travel expenses in an efficient and, above all, time-saving way.“ Klaus Clemens, Corin GSA GmbH

„The best solution for our requirements“

Drossapharm logo „We are very pleased with Onexma. We have evaluated various solutions and Onexma was the best solution for our requirements. It is clearly structured and uncomplicated for everyday use. The evaluations are diverse as well.“ Drossapharm GmbH

greentech is very satisfied with Onexma

greentech Logo greentech is one of the largest independent providers for the management of photovoltaic systems „We are very satisfied with Onexma.“ Aleksis Schäfer, CEO …  more

Varsity Cheerleading uses Onexma

Varsity LogoDr. Jan Becker, CEO, VARSITY EUROPE
Varsity is the world's leading manufacturer of cheerleading uniforms, apparel and equipment and Europe's leading organization in organizing cheerleading championships, workshops and events. …  more

Flexible, quick and easy – Why EPI-USE-Labs uses Onexma

EPI-USE Logo The EPI-USE group is a global software and consulting company in the SAP HR environment. Due to extensive requirements from various subsidiaries, was chosen for the travel expense reports. Henrik Stammer, director of the Epi-Use Labs GmbH, recalls, “The product description for sounded promising. At that time, we didn’t realize how good the system actually is.“

Professionals choose Onexma
 The travel expense report with Kessler

kessler logo Thomas Keßler, founder and owner of the company, describes it as such, “As a powerful company, we are dependent on tools that achieve maximum benefit with minimum effort. Both our employees and our customers benefit from this. We saw as a chance to save time, avoid mistakes and facilitate a rather unpopular task for our employees. [ ... ] I can’t think of any other software that would allow such easy processing and approval of the travel expense report.“

„Good and simple travel expense report“

Siebeck logo „We were looking for a good and simple way to manage travel expense reports and vacation planning and found it in Onexma.“ Siebeck GmbH

Onexma at vdw Sachsen

vdw-sachsen Logo„As an association, we are on the go. The topic of travel expenses, from the application up to the effective billing, used to be associated with a bureaucratic and time-consuming process. Ever since we decided on Onexma, it has been a completely different story. [..] Therefore, we recommend Onexma to our member companies and would equally recommend it to anyone else.“ vdw Sachsen Verband der Wohnungs- und Immobilienwirtschaft e.V.

Profit without investment
 Buchanan counts on

buchanan logo As an investor and consulting company, Buchanan GmbH pursues clear goals: service quality, efficiency, sustainability and a fair return. And that includes an effective system for the travel expense report. “For the first time in 25 years, the billing of my travel expenses is actually fun. And compared to the past, I only need a tenth of the time for the monitoring and release of my employees’ billings“, praises Steven Wilkinson, managing partner of Buchanan GmbH.

We don’t want to miss out on having an uncomplicated and time-saving system any longer

TriOS logo „We are very pleased with the tool. Our objectives upon introducing ONEXMA were: automation and acceleration of the travel expense report, a significant increase in transparency, major simplification of the internal process control, minimization of the “paper flood”, reduction of the manual maintenance and calculation effort, and a simple, clear menu navigation. We don’t want to miss out on having an uncomplicated and time-saving system any longer.“ TriOS

Well advised with

As a management consultant, Klaus von den Hoff must travel frequently. The consultant used to record his travel expenses on paper, because all of the systems that were available on the market seemed too large to him. „ is different from anything that I had seen before,” he says, describing his first impressions. “The software is clean, tidy and self-explanatory. Like many other software, it offers more than I need. However, it is designed in such a clever way that I can use the features which are relevant for me without having to deal with anything going beyond that.“