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Travel expense report

The travel expense report from is an online solution that can also be conveniently used on smartphones and tablets. With it, you can easily and flexibly settle travel expenses and manage travel expense reports. Our ever-increasing number of users and the consistently positive feedback that we receive from the users of our travel expense report validate our extraordinary approach and the high acceptance of the travel expense report among its users..

Onexma, probably the first provider of an online travel expense report, provides its users with apps for various mobile devices with which they can draw up and settle their travel expenses as early as during the trip. In addition, the Onexma travel expense report is one of the few solutions that is available in several languages.

While developing the Onexma travel expense report, we paid special attention to the easy collection of the travel expenses and the corresponding receipts on every stationary or mobile device and the intuitive operation of the software! As a result, we can forego tedious training courses or an extensive handbook. Our presentation video already conveys a good overview of how you can create your travel expense report with Onexma quickly and easily without any prior knowledge.

At present, the companies working with our travel expense software are mainly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. However, the employees of these companies use the software in far more countries, using it to settle travel expenses of employees in countries such as France, Belgium, Great Britain, Spain, Eastern Europe, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and the USA.

The Onexma travel expense management markedly simplifies the administration of business trips that you or your employees must go on. It offers extensive features and evaluation possibilities, is available everywhere and at any given time, is fun to use, saves time, reduces the administrative expense and prevents mistakes.

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Our customers worldwide

In the following, we will describe some of the specific benefits that the Onexma online solution offers.

Benefits of the flexible and efficient Onexma travel expense solution

Companies and freelancers use various options for the travel expense report: tables they created themselves and saved locally, commercial and locally installed software, external service providers for accounting and/or tax consultancy or web-based software. However, the flexibility of the Onexma travel expense report is unsurpassed.

User-oriented configuration as work facilitation and for intuitive operation

The Onexma travel expense report can be configured exactly according to your needs. Whether types of travel, travel destinations or countries, meals per diems, investments, deductions or even internal company travel cost guidelines, you can easily customize your travel expense report to suit your needs. This way, you will save a lot of time in everyday use of the Onexma travel expense report - it will be a work tool that is easy and intuitive for you to operate. The self-explanatory user interface, which includes clearly structured input masks but foregoes superfluous functions, will create a whole new experience for you: All of a sudden, working with your travel expense report is actually fun!

Various settlement types for various applications

You can record three different types of expense reports:

  • Travel expense report
    With the travel expense report, you record all of the travel expenses that accrue for one or more specified business trips. This way, you can keep an overview of all the travel expenses that arise in connection with a certain project or a certain cost center.
  • Monthly settlement
    The monthly settlement gathers all of the travel expenses that accrue in one month, irrespective of whether they arose from one or several business trips. This way, you will have all the information needed to calculate the monthly travel expenses for individual employees, departments or cost centers.
  • Time period settlement
    With the time period settlement, you decide on the time period for which you want the travel expenses to be settled, whether it be the whole financial year or just the duration of a specific project. Depending on your needs, you can also include travel expenses from one or more business trips here.

With the monthly or time period settlement, the individual business trips are recorded separately and can then be summarized into annual or monthly totals in the menu "statements".

Which type of travel expense report is advisable for you depends on the structure and organization of your company, the travel expense guidelines and any other guidelines for business trips. We would be happy to advise you on the optimal configuration.

Available independent of location

The Onexma travel expense report is a web-based solution. This means that you can access it from anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection and any input device. Whether you are at home or abroad, at the head office or at a branch office, at your desk or on the go, at the airport or in the train: record your travel expenses wherever they arise and whenever you have the time.

Recording of travels to and from foreign countries possible

The Onexma travel expense report also includes individual and legal travel expense regulations for Switzerland and Austria. In addition, it offers numerous further facilitations for the settlement of travels abroad and also trips of employees working abroad. An example of this is the automatic conversion of more than 65 different currencies based on current daily rates, the choice between miles and kilometers as units for distance specifications, the automatic consideration of internationally different settlement lump sums or the calculation of international routes with Google Maps. This way, you can record your travel expenses on international trips just as easily and conveniently as when traveling within Germany.

Stationary and mobile input devices for maximum independence

The Onexma solution can be used with almost every stationary or mobile input device. Apps with user interfaces optimized for PC, MAC (Apple Macintosh, OS X), mobile phone (iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.) or tablets (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.) offer maximum comfort and a functional range under any circumstances. This way, the usage of the Onexma travel expense report will be even easier for you and you can work even more independently.

Different language versions for international users

At the moment, Onexma is available in a German and an English version. Internationally active companies often make use of the option that the traveling person can use a different language version for the input of data than the editor of their travel expense report. This way, employees of German companies that are working abroad can record their travel expenses in English while the travel expense report in the head office is created in German. Of course, the reverse case is also possible for German-speaking employees of foreign companies.

SaaS for web-based travel expense report

Onexma is offered as “Software as a Service” (SaaS). That way, users can access it via the Internet from anywhere and the entire effort that customers usually expend for local software installations and maintenance can be avoided. Onexma offers detailed online help, provides extensive telephone support and updates the software in short intervals. This ensures that every user has the latest version of the travel expense report available to them at any time and that legislative changes or new requirements coming into effect are taken into account.

Cost savings and ROI

Thanks to its flexibility, the Onexma travel expense report is not just an all-rounder and a true workload reducer. In addition, it spares you considerable investments as well as yearly increasing sums that companies would otherwise spend for staff and working hours associated with the collection, processing and settlement of travel expenses as well as the introduction and administration of necessary information technology. That is why, in many cases, companies achieve a profit just after the first month of using the Onexma travel expense report.

Advantages of the Onexma travel expense report for various user groups

Thanks to its flexibility, its structure, its operating principle and its large range of features, the Onexma travel expense report also has specific advantages for various user groups.

Advantages of the Onexma travel expense report for business travelers

The Onexma travel expense report can be used without any restrictions on a MAC or PC in the office or at home as well as on mobile devices. The only thing you need is an Internet connection. Regardless of whether you are a technician doing field work, a consultant on site at the customer’s premises, a sales representative doing field work or on any other business trip: as a traveler, you can easily record destinations, routes, travel expenses, fees and receipts on the go. It all functions intuitively, and you need neither a tedious training course nor an extensive handbook. This saves a lot of time and work. Last but not least, your travel expense report can be checked and approved in a very short time so that your expenses can be reimbursed much faster.

Advantages of the Onexma travel expense report for management

With extensive reporting features, the Onexma travel expense management offers a complete overview for the company management at any time. Regardless of whether you want to keep an eye on the travel expenses of individual employees, of a department, of a project or of your entire company, the Onexma travel expense report provides all the relevant information and evaluations in a clear overview at any time.

Advantages of the Onexma travel expense report for the accounting department

The travel expense report of every employee is directly transferred online to the accounting department of his/her company. All the data is automatically fed into the accounting system and can be further processed there. In this way, the processing time is shortened, mistakes are prevented and the expenses for the processing are significantly reduced.

Advantages of the Onexma travel expense report for the IT administration

The Onexma travel expense report can be used online by every user, at any time and at any place where an Internet connection is available. It does not require a local installation, a local infrastructure, training courses, a local support, an administration or local updates. Therefore, there are no further demands placed on the IT administration. Nevertheless, its various input and output formats enable a smooth and functional integration into the existing IT infrastructure of almost every company.

The device independence also offers benefits, as the solution can be used in the browser and in the app. This way, users are integrated with all of their devices: desktop and laptop PC, Mac, Apple Macintosh, OS X, mobile phones with iOS, Android, WindowsMobile, Blackberry, etc. as well as Unix/Linux clients and tablets such as an iPad or ones with Android and Windows.

Advantages of the Onexma travel expense report for tax consultants

Even tax consultants experience efficient workload reduction with the Onexma travel expense report. Clients that use the Onexma travel expense report in their own company transfer their data to their tax consultants in an automated way. Delays and transmission errors can thus be practically eliminated. Moreover, the manual recording can be omitted, which is a cost advantage that any company would appreciate.

In addition to the travel expense report, you can also use the Onexma software to manage your vacation days/requests, sick days, work equipment and timesheets online.