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Leave Management / Vacation management / Absence management

With Onexma absence management, you can manage holidays, vacation requests, sick days and other absences in a quick and convenient way. Online, at a glance, you can see who has requested or planned a vacation, sick days or other absences such as an educational leave, a special leave or training and at what time. Just as quickly, you and your employees can record vacation requests or causes for sick leave even on mobile devices such as cell phones or tablets.

As the responsible supervisor, you will automatically be notified and, thanks to convenient list or month views, able to see which of your employees will be present or absent at any given time. You will also be able to make sure that groups or departments are sufficiently staffed at all times. This will allow you to keep an overview and approve or decline requests online. Furthermore, you can address notes and questions about any vacation request to employees and these will be filed directly with the leave request.

As an employee, you can use the vacation management to easily record your planned absence days, send the relevant requests to your supervisors and enjoy the benefit of having your supervisors check your requests online and decide on them immediately.

Advantages of the Onemxa vacation / leave management

  • Absences of employees or user groups can be registered at a glance (i.e., at branch or departmental level).
  • The responsible supervisors can manage the absences of both individual employees and entire groups.
  • Weekends and regional holidays are automatically taken into account, as are bans on leave (depending on country).
  • Planned, requested and remaining absence days (holidays, sick days, flextime and overtime compensation, etc.) are summed up and arranged in a clear way.
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Set up vacation management quickly

The setup of the vacation and absence management is based on user groups. A user group may be comprised of a department, a branch, a working group, a project group or the entire company.

For each user group, you can then determine the vacation days, the approver for the vacation requests and the rights for the views of the vacation calendar.

You can also, of course, define individual vacation days or vacation rules for each employee. Whenever an employee joins or leaves the company, their allocated vacation entitlement is automatically calculated and applied to the vacation overviews.

The management of remaining vacation days is also possible and is equally quick and simple. Depending on the company size and the requirements, there are several options to manage remaining vacation days and other free days.

A form allows you to carry out a booking for remaining vacation days and thus transfer the remaining vacation days from the previous to the current year. Alternatively, an employee can also directly request vacation days from the previous year.