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Work equipment management

Is the administration of work equipment for your employees time-consuming and laborious? With the online Onexma work equipment administration, it won’t be.

With this modern online work equipment administration, you will have full control over all work equipment at all times. The items are quickly and easily recorded with categories, serial numbers, inventory numbers, condition and, where applicable, the value.

The work equipment administration records which person delivered and retracted which article and at what time in an efficient and cost-saving way. In addition, you can add any number of notes to a work tool and upload documents such as expense notes, receipts or shipping confirmations.

The online work equipment administration is suitable for the administration of all of the employee’s objects, tools or licenses/contracts. This includes (among other things): laptop, mobile phones, beamer, keys, work clothes, software licenses and mandates.

The distribution can be specified with either an employee, a transport company with dispatch number or a supplier with order number.

Via the statuses “distribution confirmed”, “return confirmed” and “completed”, you can quickly find all the operations that are still being processed and keep an overview.

Advantages of the Onemxa work equipment management

  • Document archive for every work tool.
  • Work equipment can quickly be duplicated for repeated distribution.
  • Straightforward search for status, employee, category or free text.
  • Administration of device numbers, license numbers, serial numbers and inventory numbers.

With the Business tariff, the work equipment administration is available to all customers free of charge. Users with extended rights (clerks or administrators) may use it to manage work equipment.